All I Binary I

All Life Is Suffering 
And All Life Insane
A Tragic Offering
A Sordid Game
Morbid Music
And Laments Old
In Due Season
We Lose All We Hold

For In Limbo
The Earth Is The Deities' Pawn
Infernal Or Celestial Offerings
Constructs Divine And Cold

Swords, Saviors, Castles, And Crowns
Binary Constructions
That Keeps Us Burning Incense
Like Rain Grows To Mold
Unquestionably Subservient Or Submitting To One

Always The Playthings
Of God Things
Punished For Our Presence From Birth
Praying ,Schizophrenic, To Walls
And Hoping In Ghosts . . .

Enemies Conquerors And Battlefields
Lessons Unlearned Repeated
Karmic Debts Un-Repaid
Nothing That Is, Was, Or Will Be Is Sane.

Why Are Gods, Lords, And Deities So Violent?
Obsessed With Jealousy, Obedience, Fear, Battle And Victory?
Condemning, Conquering, Killing, Vindicating, And Signing To Hell?
Why Is Love So Fiery, So Gory, So Tiresome?

Why Is Love So Callous?
That Amist Death We Promote Tyrannical Joy
When All Is Lost
We Provide Not A Shoulder To Cry
Rather A Promise, A Mythical Lie
In A Space Grievous, Remote?
And Why Does God Speak The System Of Men And His Mission

Why Will We Be Prosperous Things-
Amid Unspeakable Things
And The Poor And The Peripheral Are The Ones The Holy Books So Condemn?
Why Oh Why Does God Or Men Tell Love Through Violence And Lies?
Pray Tell Me Why God Speaks In Man’s Colonial, Imperial, Bloody Mythical Imaginary?

The God Of Rome Is No God Of Mine
Rather My God Is God Of The Peripheral Vine
The God Of The Artist, The Widow, The Orphan And Rhyme

liberation theology | Description, History, & Beliefs | Britannica

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