If You Want To Turn Me On.

If You Want To Turn Me On
 Don't Touch Beneath This Dress.
 Hold My Hand
 And Tell Your Theories
 Reveal Your Joy 
 Intoxicate Me With Your Love Of Others
 Tell Your Dreams
 Tell Your Hopes 
 N’ Sorrows. 

 For When I Am The Hottest,
 Is When There Is Suspension In Our Space.
 When You Reach Out Slowly With Spontaneity And Then You Touch My Leg.
 Tell Me How You Care For Others. 
 Tell Me What You See Unique In Me. 
 Boy, If You Are To Sleep With Me 
 Start With Tracing My Fingers My Hair 
 Let Me Listen To The Beats Of Your Breath 
 Let Me Tousle Up Your Hair
 Tell Me About The Stars, Colors, Music And The World

 Speak To Me Soft Poetry
 That Chimes Like Bells And Tambourines. 
 Let Me See Your Sunshine
 And If You Want To Press Me 
 Then Do It With All Your Will.
 Do It When Intention
 Do It With A Thrill
 If You Want To Press Me Or Squeeze Me 
 Till This Rose Dews Beneath Your Hands. 
 Then Do It With Intensity Like You're Hungry For All I Am. 

 If You Want Some Honey. 
 Then Show Me First Your Thirst. 
 Then My Body Will Respond To You
 And With You These Lips Shall Nurse. 
 If You Want My Knees To Tremble 
 Just Look Me Deep Within Your Dilated Eyes 
 Show Me Your Divinity
 That We All Do Have Inside.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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