Lovely Daughter Unborn

Lovely Daughter Unborn 
 How Sweet The Swirls Of Your Eyes Are
 The Colors Of Your Mind Are 
 The Service Of Your Hands To Your Neighbors 
 How Inspiring Your Faith Is 
 The Reflections Of Your Heart Within Your Soul 
 For The Language Which Your Grow 
 For The Joy In Your Voice 
 In Your Strength Of Choice
 Lovely Daughter You Are Beautiful 
 Because Of Your Mind 
 Your Heart 
 Your Values And How You Spend Your Time
 Skin Of Snow Or Ebony Hues 
 Beautiful Are You. 

 If Cursed You Must Be 
 Be Cursed By The Love In Your Heart
 Be Cursed That Your Love Brims 
 To The Bottoms Abyss 
 Be Cursed That It Breaks 
 For The Broken Souls 
 Be Cursed That It Haunts You 
 Until You Are Driven To Love Those Around You 
 Until With Compassion And Music 
 You’re Mad

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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