So You Think Women Are Innocent?

So You Think Women Are Innocent?
 And Really That's A Coy?
 No Indeed You Think She’s Ditsy 
 Easy To Lay And Lie. 
 With A Smile And A Glass Of Gin?
 You Notice Not Our Own Poisons. 
 Saccharine Diatribes 
 Pennies Traded For Pretty Feeds. 
 School Boys Think Women Are Neat N’ Bittersweet 
 Mama Taught Us Men’s Games And Rhymes 
 Don't Play Games With School Boys 
 Don't Appreciate Their Feigned Vanity 
 Care More If They’re Kind 
 Why Is It That We Should Care For Mens’ Mind
 More Then They Care For Yours Or Mine?

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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