The Next Time That You Touch Me

The Next Time That You Touch Me,
 I Won't Be Soft.
 I Won't Be Thin.

 I Am Not Insubstantial 
 Not Impure 
 Not Shattered 
 No, You Can Not Steal My Core 
 No You Will Not Lay With Me 
 For You Know Not My Worth 

 The Sinews Of My Muscled Calves
 Frail And Fragile, No. 
 I Am Rough As Diamonds
 No Next Time You Won't Touch Me 
 For I Am Not The Same 
The Next Time You Shall Speak With Me
 I Shall Not Say A Word
 No More Of Me
 I'll Give To You. 
 No More Of Me To Burn

 The Next Time I Will Fly From You
 Into The Bowels Of Fathoms Deep 
 Within The Mouth Of Jonah 
 You Shall Find Not Any Part Of Me
You Took Me Mary Nazareth
 And Made Me Mary Magdalene
 I Wear The Semen Of Your Carelessness On The Linens Of My Soul
 I Wear Your Naked Body
 Within The Vomit Of My Throat

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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