You Taught To Be Colorful

You Taught Us To Be Colorful
To Celebrate Life While It Is Here
And Leave Glitter Trails Behind Us
And Shake Out All Our Fears
Failure Is Not An Option
Fixedness The Goal

You Taught Us To Be Stubborn
To Have Faith In God, Not Gold
You Taught Us To Be Loving
To Always Lend A Hand

We Miss You Every Moment
From Every Land

I Danced With You In Our Living Rooms
You Sang To Me, Then I Sang You
Hymnals So We’d Sleep
You Support Me Now And Ever
Even Though For You I Now Do Weep
Taught Me To Be Kinder
To Have Patience With The World.
You Taught Me Forgiveness
You Prayed A Prayer For Every Person
For Every Family, Friend And Fear
You Made Me Laugh A Thousand Times
With All The Silly Things You Did And Said
In Your Last Years

I Miss You Every Day
I Will Miss You Every Year
I Miss Your From The Mountains
To The Evergreens I Cry Mine Tears
I Miss You Every Moment
The Sweetheart Whom I Love
I Know You Stand Beside Me
And Guide Me From Above.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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