I have many homes 
I leave my heart with places and people to collect
So when I say I am homesick
it's not to one place to which I must return
for my friends are my family
and my family are my friends
and the time in between is split between desserts, oceans, mountains and sand.

I miss the pueblo houses and also the urban towers
eating breakfast burritos with my beloved friends and hearing mariachis play
I miss my Chicago apartment and hearing my tio play a cuatro and my abuelita dancing salsa in the living room
I miss the Spanish moss and humid weather of north florida

I miss more the people who we are lent
those who pass through and in our lives
There are so many that I miss
these incomplete goodbyes
often make we wish to delay my wandering heart
but more so it makes me sometimes sick from the moments and love that I have quietly missed

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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