Callous heart

Your heart is from caged and calloused
It’s rust at the seams
It’s dirt and corroded
Your brokenness it bleeds

You say that you must protect your heart
And you have let your let your courage depart

So tell me how it feels to have a metal heart in a world that's full of rain?

I think the pain is more than what you thought you would have saved
What have you gained?

Dont spare me from the pain

My heart is broken busted
Bursting to evry beat

Shatter my soul
Break me apart
I’m courageous even when I fall apart

All you will learn from a caged and callous heart is how to let it rust and fall apart
All you can learn from your metal bars are to never feel a scar
All you will learn from your corroded parts
Is how to hide from the love that is hidden from your heart

You have to be open to being broken
To truly love
Is to truly live

Spare this soul not sorrow
Let it not to safety nor protection
If you never fail you never learn
If you never love you can never be loved.


Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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