The Most Beautiful

There is a rose on the edge,
A lone rose darling red.

I most sensuous voice in a forgotten space from a milkmaid in her gold wheat place.

The most beautiful dancer
in the desert
Thorns burrowed in his scorched feet
As he serenaded the sierras,
Then snuck out to the seas.

The smartest one,
she sleeps beneath the sun
a refugee whose only thirty one
And the most lovely painter carves the rocks of craggy coastal plains where none will be

And when we get to heaven
with the privilege we all had-
Won't that be so funny?
Won't that be so sad?
The most beautiful of people hid
amongst the thorns and crags?

For them, divine love bestows a future
with celestial chords and strings and wings..
For those who have no access, only nature’s secret keys

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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