Where is home?

Never native
Nomadic wanderer
Who crossed the northern seas
That smelled of salt and crystals green
Who traversed the forests and the prairies
She an Emigrant

I asked the cranes, seagulls and crows
I asked the spiders and the toad
Where should I make a home?

And the gemini twins my guide
Starlight and moths in aural flight
Where is home now?

Where do I rest my head
Underneath the gold wheat beds?
In the desserts?
Upon the sea?
Where do I rest my lonesome heart?

From where must I depart?
To the place that will impart peace.
Among the morning glories
Nearside the trumpet vine
By sage or palo santo
Whichever you divine?
By lavender fields and honey mead
By chile peppers and chromellos free
Under the summer snow of cottonwood
Beside the redwood tree
By the roses and river bend

Where shall I soon return
None other than the loved lands which move my pen…..

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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