The Seduction of the Sea

The foam rises like knives clapping against the rocks.
They never fail to slap the shore. The higher they rise, the harder they fall. The white waves consume the earth. Swallowing souls and songs in the sea. She spares no one. No one left to breathe. And the further you swim into her arms, the further you fall. Silent singer stop swimming too deep. Leave her sullen sweet arms which caress you with cords. She will only numb you or further sink you. Run from her seductive arms. Brace your long hair back, face towards the beating wind and run back to the land and breathe again.

But wait there's something hidden here. Living archives, forgotten dreams. Vanished peoples, mysteries, tears, and seeds. Silent singers sounding in the sea. There's so much hidden here. Archives in the ocean deep.

Yemayá. Orisha de agua. Muse and goddess of the sea. Of the lost and the unseen. To you we sing our songs. To you we are always drawn. Into the seas so sweet.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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