I knew (Chronic Disorder Diagnosis: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

My family always dies early. For it's in our genes. So when people ask me about when I will grow old, I have always said it wasn't my desire. Some part of me always knew that my days were few. 

And so instead of running, I often stop to greet her, kiss death upon the cheeks to seduce her and to tease her. Until she takes me with the autumn leaves. 

I knew my body was distorted- so my mind contrived to live always intuned into the realms because I knew my spirit would go home to soon. I wrote my will at 22. I wrote my poems since 2. So that when I leave too soon. My regrets will be a few. If I die at 45 or 49 at least I've spent some time... in the clouds and in the skies. In the breaking waves.

I always swim too far out in the sea. Lucky that the strong waves push me back to the shore and not more towards the sea. 

I've know I would die young for always I had dreams of what I must do where to go and what to bloom. I've know i would die young and now it is confirmed. It was written in my bloodline It was written in the deep fabric of my mind.... So take me push me forward into the light, the waves,the rhymes for I already knew that my days were few and now that its confirmed I only have to pay my dues to love more to love more to fly more until the day I die for these mutated genes. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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