You never desired the force which I blew. You never could handle my speed. The air that I cry, is a nuisance to you and so I left and I left and I howled and I cried. And I went on my way and I said my goodbyes. And with a fierceness I came, with a brush did I leave. For you could not handle the force of the vibrance in me. At night I fly and I fly far from the lands which I howled and I cried. And now my songs are louder and now my air or brighter and now I blow much harsher over the sullen seas. They say I am a tempest but the waves love me and knoweth all of me. I am daily dancing upon the ocean deep. For I know I am a tempest and I know I follow the breeze. Because I was always meant to be dancing with the seas.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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