Guiding light

When we are young we all have dreams of who we are and who we’ll be. More faith have I in our young selves then ever the person we should become.

But still unsure of where to be. For she have lived twelve lifetimes more. Her inner guide is thus betrayed by jaded and melancholic age. Despite these years grown. The wisdom she held within her eyes when she was but yet sewn.

She sings her songs with only a melody. No lyrics and no rhymes. And still years after leaving. Although she no longer cry herself too sleep. She has not found a home nor a family like before. And no words express the distance nor disintegration that this soul feels away from you. So who do we trust the soul who left for safety’s sake or the Inner child who guides us with her heart unknowing of gold nor our mistakes?


Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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