The boundless rain

Since I left my heart beats out of pace. What kind of sign is it that without you and with this vast distance, the doctors claim my heart beats with the rain?
How funny! And how strange?
The farther I am from home-
The more increase my woes.
And my heart is truly breaking
I can show you, yes I can.
I miss you with all I am.
I want to be like the rain boundlessly conscious trespassing transgressing traversing between the seasons and skies.  If I were the winds how fast I'd Run To You. I wonder if it hurts the travels that she takes falling from the skies and rising from the Seas does she feel pain in her travels or does she feel like she can breathe in her perfumed and profound fullness how does she feel connected with each particle. I want to be rain so that I can be with in the ocean as the white waves crash to kiss the tender breasts of the shore. I want to feel everything inside her the seaweed fish and tempest. My heart is truly breaking because I am far from you.
So if I die from heartbreak then I hope to be the rain that falls softly on your hair that gently brushes your feet as she steps from the Sands
Away from the shore into the sea

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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