You speak in a higher register then you ought. Nervous in your own insecurities. As if your voice was faint and fine. You spin when you stand. As if you have ever stood uncertain.

Is it that you wish to leave and fly with the winds or to obscure the depths of your voice? With its low timbre that reaches into the deep Earth.

Do you not trust me? I who have cared for you for so many years. Do you not trust me? I who have protected and healed you. Do you speak higher to deceive those around you? For I know of the dark timbre that you possess. Do you spin to disconcert those around you? so that they do not know just how fiercely you stand? Why do you despise the darkness beneath my eyes? The weight which held within it poems?

Why do you hate my hands the hands that fed and loved you? Why do you look at me with so much disdain for I have learned to love you even when you do not love yourself and why do you look on my size with the poorest eyes as if despite my stature I were not wise? these hands have Fed so many. in love with you hate I have blessed feet thatyou say are too large have climbed mountains and despite your thin frame you have always ran. Why do you pretend you’re uncertain for I know all of your heart why do you pretend you are ungrounded for I know you’re mine and your hands every decision you have made I have guided every song you have sang with you I have song those lips which speak curses against herself speak only blessings of others do you care so little for me that you wish to be another do you care so little for me not to celebrate my worth.

You thought I was speechless and in my silence the more words I learned. You think I am incapable of decisions yet every decision I’ve made has been slowly strong love her do I guide you away from your values and I I’ve always keept you safe from harm, each moment of your life. I’m beside you every tear you have cried, I have wept. You think I am selfish and in your selflessness the one person you fail to Honor is your own soul that which was given to you.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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