Olas Blancas

The white waves draw my feet too far from the sand
The spumes come crashing down and her tides now the shores have found.
After rolling in the deep
The sea foam comes hard down
Feeling its weight upon the ground
What was gone has now been found
The currents push me further
And sometimes bring me back
I like to touch my feet
But when I’m swimming I am free within the deep
And my spirit the seas good god I hope to meet
Out beyond the buoys
I don’t know what lies ahead
But I love the skies the sun the moon the waves
I’m healed no longer sad
The ocean always chases me
The winds blow me to and fro
I scare some people with this wild fearlessness
When the waves steal me I am at once at home
I will always swim far beyond the shores
If the waves take me then I am cured
If they save me I’ll return
I’m it’s silent roar
I hear music I hear chords
I can sing and I’m unheard
Give my voice back to the earth
I can whisper I can scream
I am will sing into the seas
I love to lose my voice in the quiet of the night
I always lose my spite
And the ocean heals the suffering of life

My mother asks me to turn down the sound
The winds and the waves
The ambient profound
As if I in my finite presence could hear her
I can’t even hear myself
My voice is somewhere in the deep
I long to swim too far into its greatness
And some may think this is suicidal idealization
But all religions center death as the beginning of rebirth
So I also see a sirens death
As being somehow reborn
My mind is sort of quiet here
I venture all alone
And if I’m not too careful then
I’d let the riptides wash me home
I’m also crashing white spumed noise upon the sands
Always leaving longing to go back to the sea and than the land
If I am quite careful then one day I hope I’ll leave with my feet parallel and underneath
To be drawn into the whirlwinds and far away from the reef
I’m always climbing on the crags
The rocks and urchins stab me
And I love them but I wonder how they only seem to putter because the farther that I walk away the father I hope to come upon the currents quite too strong
Nearer to the heart of whatever is hidden in her grief
And somehow in her sadness find the joy of the voice that once belonged to me

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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