Solo la música es fiel

Sólo la música es fiel.  
Todos me dejarán.
Todos me abandonarán.
Todavía la musica es fiel.

Only the music is faithful
Everyone may leave me
And all I may abandon
But music still is faithful.

Solo queda la música
Cuando todos me dejaron
La música quedará

Only the music remains.
When everyone leaves.
She stays.

Llora que te quedes pero me dejarás
Lloro hasta dormirme.
No respiro
No como
No puedo vivir así.

El tiempo me dejará
El amor me soltará
Solo la música es fiel

Time may fade
And love may leave me lonesome
But Music she is loyal.

If everyone should leave me
If all my love forsakes me
Still I have one thing
This music shan't ever leave me
This music won't forsake me
This music stays with me

Only the music is faithful
Soon shall everyone go
But music, she is faithful.



Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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