To give in such a way that has no end

“We are how we treat each other when the day is done. We are how we treat each other and nothing more.” These lyrics resonate with me today.

Why do we always say you are worthy of love? Love is freely given independent of the merits of its receiver. It’s reception and it’s giving are a blessing. Why do we say we are broken? We are never fully whole. We are always fragments too. We are parts and we are peices. Simultaneously, old and also new. We never were fully broken. Not were we ever a composite whole.

Why do we say others deserve not charity? We judge their merits and their worth. Yet, we too have received gifts and suffering both deserved and undeserved.

If I am to be someone. Then define me by my love. I accept that there is losing. The more I lose the more I’ll love. Love is given freely and freely is returned. Maybe not within this cycle. But someday it always returns. Like the sea to shore.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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