Now I lay me down to sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the lord my soul to keep. 

Now I lay me down to sleep.
And if per chance I shan't wake.
To continue with my daily pace.

Then find my friends for they are found-fragments of my soul.

And each lost vagrant you should see.
Let your heart bend with utter sympathy and think of me in them.

If I should leave a tad too soon.
This indeed I already knew since my conception.
There was in truth no real deception.
I knew my time was short here.

So if by chance my soul should fly one night.
Then sink me in the ocean and blow me to the wind.
But Don't cry for me.

For my fierce soul is finely at peace and I know I will return soon.
Though form I do not know.

I only pray god lets me keep these melodies and poems

I hope I shan't drink from the river leith.
I want to remember this brief life.
With all its glory, rain, and strife.

I love you all. I hope you knew.
Even if I ever were to leave too soon.

Keep loving with my intensity. Don't falter with my passion.
For I have but one piece of me to leave to you:

My songs my poems my heart-
That's now silent in the seas.

Keep loving in my memory.
Ill be back one day to see.

But now I wish to sing with my god.
No longer could I wait to see his glorious mystery
For he knows our full histories.

Now I lay me down to sleep
An angel soon to take my place.

Does the violence of this world ever make you question your own morality and brevity of life? If tomorrow we went to war, what would you change? Would you love more?

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The Silent Singer

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