The Pastel Painter

I happened upon a painter who painted only in pastels. I inquired of his rationale. Why do you avoid the colors, grey and black and brown? The stars are strident without the darks silence. Chaos stands beside creation. Its not the absence of these colors that beauty is found. And you cannot paint history without grey black and brown. Where is your burning passion-red? Where is the dark navy serenity of the sea. You cannot paint history without dark red and sorrowed blue. In the dark black vibrance of the night is when I hold my beloved dear and I prefer not the blinding pastel lights that refute the stories that make them shine so clear. So when you paint your portrait sir- with history imposed upon a palette don't forget black grey brown red and blue. Without these colors your sun would be a hue that we don't care to view. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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