Children’s Poem: Leaves Lost and Hair Cuts

"Oh my!" said Crystal to the trees. "Why did you lose your leaves?! I love your locks of spanish moss. I like your auburn colors, pines and spurs! Now, tell me why. Why did you cut your hair?"

And so the trees replied:

There's seasons we grow through. There's very few parts of our bodies we can leave behind. Change, dye bleach.
The leaves on the tree after they have can I explain the release I feel?
My auburn crimson and indigo tones have faded dull and thin. The crown I grew upon my head has faded with the winter wind.
In times of grief and growing we lose our arboreal locks.
I cut off my leaves in the winter and see new growth again spring.
My leaves are pieces of me its true
Each leaf a photo and an elegy.
I am not my leaves though. I leave pieces of myself upon the muddy floor. They become one again with the ground. Those memories I have left. How can I explain the lightness I feel?
I wake joyful. The sun shines on my short bright hair.
I can never tell you- the joy that you may feel. When I let that weight go.
I can not describe the pleasure that I feel pruning my leaves.
So Tell me, Crystal... One day ..
If you chose to cut your hair-
If you two feel a oneness, newness and courage when you turn your face and turn your cares!

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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