You did not change me

I will not change for you. No. 
I will wear my dress no longer. No. 
I will not love softer nor harsher. No 
I will live this live with joy and love. 

You can harm my body but God always heals my soul. 
You can steal my body for a night. 
You can steal my peace for a moment 
Take the light from me eyes. 

But boy, my love, my peace, my joy is mine. 
You can not keep the light from my soul. No 
I will live no less freely. No 
I will love no less. No
I will fear no less. 
Care no less. 
Breathe no less. 
Sing no less. 
Speak no less. 
Be no less. 

I am no less. 

My mother told me that each time that you have sex you trade energy. This I know. She also said that they each leave marks upon your soul. This I don’t believe. 

You stole my body, but my soul is not yours. No
You have not harmed me for eternity 
I do not wish for justice 
If justice is incarceration 
I only hope for your re-education. 

I love freely still 
I am unashamed
I am unchanged 
I am not less bold 
You don’t get to keep pieces of my soul 
I will not pay the prices of diamonds 
For the adventures of this life 

I love I live I give with joy 
You stole from me 
I will remember and I will forget 
No harm you did will not be healed 

I love I live I move I speak I sing with joy 
I am not silent 
I will never turn to violence 

I am unchanged 
Because I don’t believe that any mark you put upon this body remains 
I washed off your stolen kisses with the summer rain. 
Your semen did not stay on me 
I shed it in the ocean 

You stole my body for a night 
You don’t get to keep my mind 
When I finish this reflection 
I will return to sleep 
And if someone’s dreams should be haunted 
Its you 
Know-it’s not me 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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