Rules for false love and amicable friendships or rules of survival under duress

1. Feign submission at all times until power and distance can be firmly attained
2. Speak thoughts in silence and untoned; pray away the violence of others
3. Remember past grievances
4. Beware your confidants
5. Conceal wealth and wisdom
6, Gaurd against green eyes
7. Garner emotions for other activities
9. Never fall prey to men or to bloodlines
10. Reflect only upon the mirrors of the mother rather than the glasses of men
11. Speak only beautiful words aloud. And scribe you sorrow in silence.
12. Call to action only those capable kindness and change

I wrote this poem not as a reflection of what I actually believe but as a reflection of the intrusive thoughts that I encounter after the loss of two recent friendships. I lost these friendships because in truth…… they were never really meant to last. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It did.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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