She said you’re enough

I said to my friend. 
I’m sorry I speak too fast. Tell me to shut up. I won’t be offended. She said I like your voice. You break the silence and your my good friend.

I said to my friend. I’m sorry I’m bossy. She said I love your guidance.

I said to my friend. I’m sorry I’m sad. She said I noticed. But your smiles far outweigh the moments your feeling upset or your mad.

I thought to myself, I’m not missed. I’m unloved. My friend críed with me and then crushed my with hugs.

She traveled an ocean. Crossed a plane on a dime. Two broke girls traveling just to see each other smile.

I thought to myself. How unwanted I am. Then you called me up and you held my hand

My voice is too loud. She said it’s just fine.

My family doesn’t love me. She said you are so kind and I am thankful you’re mine.

He said I love your big heart I am thankful for you. She said you brought us together. You’re a matchmaker too.

He said I love how you show up. Your beyond your time. I said I’m sorry I was angry. He said why? the error was mine.

I said to myself. You’re unbeautful too.

And my friend looks at me. She told my your smart and beautiful through and through

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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