On Theology and Talismans 🧿

1. Idolatry is caused by positing unloving behaviors, actions, and thoughts above god and people. Idolatry is false love—— charms symbolism and myth are culture. They are distinct and inter complicated.

2. Culture in and of itself is not oppositional to religion. Though some may view be confused by this conflation.

3. The lack of divinely accredited ownership accorded to the the objects invention does not negate or profane its existence or essence. Symbols and myths may be present outside of a biblical context.

4, The cross is a symbol and not an idol, yet it is still a spiritual object. A charm or talisman can also exist with inherent symbolism without evoking idolatry. The presence of cultural symbolism may or may not invoke religious and or spiritual connotations.

5. Charms and talismans are often empowered through folklore and myth that are cross culturally extant. The power of these associations does not automatically ascribe idolatry when three occur outside of a biblical context or paradigm.

6. absence of a biblical context does not necessarily defile the ontological position of the cultural object. Charms can thus exist in a space or continuum of secular and spiritual significance without being oppositional entities.

7. The empowerment of a cultural object does not necessarily pose a threat to god or religion. When god is assumed to have constructed both culture and religion. An entity that contracted the constructs of cultural objects and permits cultural production can not be threatened by the objects contrived.

8. Objects of cultural production need not be categorized by archaic binary constructs of profanity and sacredness. A third conception is possible.

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The Silent Singer

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