The damned promise land

We are taught that heaven can not exist without hell. That pleasure is paid trough pain

Wealth is reaped from the famished. And our promised land was built on the genocide of the damned. Our forgiveness came through another’s false condemnation. Our mercy, we drink with blood. God’s power comes through his rejection of the devil. Why the dichotomy? Why the wrath with the love? You can not speak of jealousy in the same breath as love. You love like a hurricane. So I desired silence and violence rather than love. You do not teach your children love. You curse those you love most. Those whom you bestow the greatest gifts you balance those with the greatest plagues. I can never find peace in the story of Job. I can not worship the same hands that rains fire and drowns water. If you have power to erase evil then why you would you burn us ? God of Abraham why do you lie to us. Why did you lie with us? Blood flows the promised land….you bring you beloved terror and bleed us out with tears. Eating from an apple—- you gave us choice only to destroy us— for such a stupid reason. I believe you take pleasure in destroying us.

A poem discussing conflict in the Bible. And just to be clear— I am religious and I am Christian. But I do believe there are errors in the Bible (genocide, slavery, wrath, jealousy) I do not believe these stories consistently reflect accurately the true nature of our loving god.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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