Wandering Alone

People are afraid of adventure. And thus in my exploring….. I tend to wander, solitary. I’ve seen oceans, streams and forests. Held the water in my hands. And I no longer miss the moments passed, nor dream to hold another’s hands. In this silence, I’ve found purpose. I no longer yearn nor need. My troubles fade like dew drops when I roam and the sun greet.

Colorado Bend State Park
Llamo State Park
Colorado Bend
Blue Dragon Fly on the River

If you’ve been following my blog for a while…. You may have noticed my writing got a little too blue and I don’t aim to depress my readers. Yet, recent life events (aka processing sexual assault and losing friends) started to darken my normal creative hue. Well, I’m trying to take a new approach. Because I don’t really trust too many people and probably need to go to therapy to heal from these traumatic events. I’ve taken a break from hyper focusing on my feelings and tried to focus more on spending time with nature, distancing, detaching, finding peace. I’ve spent a lot of time camping and state parks recently and finding my spirituality again in these small beautiful things. I aim to write beautifully but my writing starting to become soured by my focus. The time I’ve spent camping has allowed me to shift my gaze. Unsettle and resettle my soul and to share with you the ways that I am begging to find love, light and god again.

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The Silent Singer

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