Parable of Characters

The sky doesn’t ask the bird, why it has to fly. 

Neither does the wind question why the lion roars.

The sand does not ask the water not to ebb and flow.

Nor the grass why the gazelle leaps so gracefully, so feebly.

The snow does for us to judge the ice for its bitter cold. nor the sun judge the fire for its burn.

The desert does not ask the sunset why it dies with light

The sky don’t inquire why the stars are content to bask in Lunas shadow.

The moon does not ask the moth why she seeks out her light.

Nor the fireflies flickering why the cicadas incessantly chirp.

The mountains don’t judge the Eagle for his isolation.

Nor the ducks ask the geese why the their ganders gwak.

The river does not pry as to why the salmon swims up stream.

The graves let rest the ghosts in their a haunting.

The ground doesn’t ask a tree to move
The rain doesn’t ask a cloud not to weep.

The forest doesn’t seek the reason the conifers don’t lose their leaves.

The branches of autumn don’t chastise the bleeding of the trees.

This poem uses nature as a metaphor to discuss human behavioral variance. Some of us are stubborn, timid, passive, shy, angry, lovers, loners, stoners, saints. Some of us spend our lives denying our natures. But our virtues and are vices are often synonymous. Don’t deny your nature, embrace yourself with love. The stubborn ones are often the worlds defenders. The passive ones might be the peacemakers. The loners…. Are often are poets. Those angry are our healing warriors. Love each affect and essence of yourself.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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