Fine.  If you elect to judge me by my breasts-  I will cover them.  Fine. If you harass me because I have legs-  I will screen them.  But know this. Just because you have touched me- Does not mean you have won me.  I may be covered. But my heart I do wear bare. UndeterredContinue reading “Fine.”

Razor Eyes

How you see yourself determines how you interact with your world and the realities around you. When you are chronically self-critical, overly judgmental of your own body image, grades, work, relationships— you project this onto the people around you. If you hate yourself, you must learn to walk and talk with your shadows. Otherwise, you will project unkindness into the corner of the world that you reside in.

I sing and it’s not beautiful

I sing and it’s not beautiful.I sing because of solaceI sing because of spaceBecause of how it’s sacredAlters these senses with her graceBecause of the peace she gives meBecause she lends faith and hope and loveI singBecause it heals meI sing to my God aboveI sing,And it’s not, yet, beautifulIt’s raw and unrefined.I sing knowingContinue reading “I sing and it’s not beautiful”