Pink Pens

In the margins of my notebook are peonies and poodles: I write with a pink or a purple pen. I think better in poems and songs than paragraphs. I write faster with voice recordings. I understand more through action than I do through words. I understand more the language of greased hands than I doContinue reading “Pink Pens”

Moths and Moonlight

I grabbed my two suitcases and two personal bags and at 3am, I headed to the airport to begin my new life in Texas. Just as I threw my bags in the backseat and my guitar to the side, a mariposa Bruxa or perhaps a polia scattered across my front porch and into the Uber.Continue reading “Moths and Moonlight”

Rosalie who fell from the moon

There Once Was A Girl Shrouded In Blue Rosalie Stole A Stone And Fell From The Moon With Raindrops She Fell Into Clovers And Daisies Adazed And Dandelion Fields And Snow Capped Willowed Grazes The Girl With The Brown Silhouette Eyes. Took Not With Her Tears- Long Past Had Cried. When Around Her She SawContinue reading “Rosalie who fell from the moon”