Happy Thursday

Have a wonderful week. I hope you enjoy this mini playlist of beautiful encouraging songs. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Five months later and I’m still living in my car. The rattle of the roadContinue reading “Happy Thursday”

The soundscapes of highway 183

Soundscapes of the stars as your sleeping in your car. There’s this concept in the humanities called reflexivity. It’s essentially the idea that our lived experiences can define our epistemologies and ontologies: So, what does it mean to sleep in a car? The rushing of the highway, the scratching of Velcro on windows and rustlingContinue reading “The soundscapes of highway 183”

Morning Melancholy

Friends are fickle and Families start feuds. Crushes will crush you and men will harm you.Consoling words I told myself to soothe the tears and intrusive thoughts away. I’ve stood by people who watched me drown. And drowned before those people who now standby I’m more cautious now of my heart…. With all its openContinue reading “Morning Melancholy”

October First

It’s Saturday and I’m asleep in my car at a Texas state park underneath the stars. This isn’t where I thought I would be as I’m approaching 25. It’s beautiful and chaotic. The Gemini twins must be guiding me. I always thought I would be a singer. Since I was two years old, this isContinue reading “October First”

Hated girl within the mirror

Hated girlwithin the mirrorher hair too blondeAnd breasts too smallHer face so sullen Emaciated figurineStaring back into the darknesswondering at the sight of thee. Where is your love for her? God gave you her body to protect and love. Yet, you tear her limb from limb? You try to kill her energy. An infection toContinue reading “Hated girl within the mirror”

Interpretations of translations

When my mind is blue…. I paint lilies with the dew. In the chaos of my heart, I draw songs out of the midst. Resonant and resounding. Upon my aged young face, I place sparkles upon the creases of each line. In my profound loneliness I’ve found consolation in poems. Ive learned to see patternsContinue reading “Interpretations of translations”

The Unsilent

The Silent House is never silent.The wind rustles blindsThe fan humsWhile in the chapel moths flap their flurried wings.The blood sounds rushing in your veins. The stairs creak and always something cracks or bends in the pipes. The papers swishHer hair brushesThe swallowing of air as it is intakenBut in the silent unsilent houseIn theContinue reading “The Unsilent”

Where is home?

Vagrant Never native Nomadic wandererWho crossed the northern seasThat smelled of salt and crystals green Who traversed the forests and the prairies She an Emigrant I asked the cranes, seagulls and crowsI asked the spiders and the toadWhere should I make a home? And the gemini twins my guide Starlight and moths in aural flightContinue reading “Where is home?”

Mary Oliver, Save Me

Mary Oliver, How I Wish I Had The Courage To Run Away As You Did Into The Forests And Eating Blackberries And Filling My Hunger With Poems And Songs But Instead I Lie Here With A Pounding Head And The Hairs Of My Ears Crumbled And Stressed And The Heavy Weight Of My Jaw AndContinue reading “Mary Oliver, Save Me”

Broken Girl

Broken Girl Young Curvaceous Girl With Mead And Amber Hair Eyes Aglow She Holds Hell And Heaven In Her Hands She The Base Competes For State, Poignant Tresemme, Shaving Cream Tiny Ringlet Curls The Porcelain Doll With Blushing Cheeks Green Eyes That See Things Beyond Your Dreams Sunshine, She, Dances. She Paints Worlds- Shakes WithContinue reading “Broken Girl”

La Arañita or “Little Spider”

Creature are you dead? Why do your hide in the corners of your web Near the farthest wall you stay Always spinning silentlyWhat message do you have to say? Always your are working Without cause Without home For no purpose In your brief existence Spinning mysteries In the threads of your own majesty Criatura, ¿laContinue reading “La Arañita or “Little Spider””