Momma Sunshine and her Son Starlight

She was going out with a firefighter, but he burned more than he put out. He said I’m done. She said, love, you said I was your one? Later on that day. She found out she got a baby on the way. So she calls up her momma and says what do I do. IContinue reading “Momma Sunshine and her Son Starlight”

Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Heels.

Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Heels. Quick Take My Heels! He’s Calling The Police. My Flats Are In The Backseat. Please Take My Goddamn Keys. My Sister Drove A Sports Car The Most Mobility She Had And With Her Sweet Long Curly Waves She Looked Like A Movie Queen My Sister Loved To Dream It Was HerContinue reading “Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Heels.”

Broken Girl

Broken Girl Young Curvaceous Girl With Mead And Amber Hair Eyes Aglow She Holds Hell And Heaven In Her Hands She The Base Competes For State, Poignant Tresemme, Shaving Cream Tiny Ringlet Curls The Porcelain Doll With Blushing Cheeks Green Eyes That See Things Beyond Your Dreams Sunshine, She, Dances. She Paints Worlds- Shakes WithContinue reading “Broken Girl”