I knew (Chronic Disorder Diagnosis: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

My family always dies early. For it’s in our genes. So when people ask me about when I will grow old, I have always said it wasn’t my desire. Some part of me always knew that my days were few. And so instead of running, I often stop to greet her, kiss death upon theContinue reading “I knew (Chronic Disorder Diagnosis: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)”

The Seduction of the Sea

The foam rises like knives clapping against the rocks.They never fail to slap the shore. The higher they rise, the harder they fall. The white waves consume the earth. Swallowing souls and songs in the sea. She spares no one. No one left to breathe. And the further you swim into her arms, the furtherContinue reading “The Seduction of the Sea”

Where is home?

Vagrant Never native Nomadic wandererWho crossed the northern seasThat smelled of salt and crystals green Who traversed the forests and the prairies She an Emigrant I asked the cranes, seagulls and crowsI asked the spiders and the toadWhere should I make a home? And the gemini twins my guide Starlight and moths in aural flightContinue reading “Where is home?”

There Are No Words To Say What Only Song Can Speak

There Are No Words To Say What Only Song Can Speak It’s A Crystal Note That Lingers Within The Quiet Air Resonating Within The Heart Of All In The Sphere It’s A Sunrise That Never Shall Cease A Loss Of Temporality A Loss Of Control The Sense Of Place That Only Notes May Hold

The Most Beautiful

There is a rose on the edge,A lone rose darling red.I most sensuous voice in a forgotten space from a milkmaid in her gold wheat place. The most beautiful dancerin the desertThorns burrowed in his scorched feetAs he serenaded the sierras,Then snuck out to the seas. The smartest one,she sleeps beneath the suna refugee whoseContinue reading “The Most Beautiful”

I want the disney princess fairy shit

I want the Disney princess fairy shit: Monogamy and a faithful Legacy.Rather than invest in youthful flash which which soon does turn to leather I’ll gather my best and test the turbulent waters It is an act of bravery to risk love And an act of cowardice to never have loved enough the deep wellsContinue reading “I want the disney princess fairy shit”

Where will you go oh soul?

Where will you go?Oh soul of mine-Shall you return to your first love divine?Shall you in your temple beget a new soul? Or should you forget these lands of conception Your eyes forever in deception, of the love first conceived-to wonder new lands in search of your dreams?Should you return to the fertile dry groundsContinue reading “Where will you go oh soul?”

All of the little animals speak

Chi chi chi Tweet tweet tweet All of the little animals talk But not the spider, The spider does not speak The cicadas, the frogs,the crickets, including the grass, they talk but the spider hides her hoary headshe does not speak But she sees all She strings their pains and joys in the cool septemberContinue reading “All of the little animals speak”

A Weed Within Your Garden

We are Native,Here Already Even If You Claim we Don’t Belong. A Weed Within Your GardenStill, We Shall Grow Forever Strong Why is it that nature rhetoric and garden metaphors often intersect with discourses of identity politics and foreignness? I was talking with my friend about what plants our “invasive” due to their “place” andContinue reading “A Weed Within Your Garden”