Tell Me Please-

Tell Me, Please- Does This Grief Get Lighter? This Dreadful Weight? Tell Please- Does This Grief Get Louder? Will Life Not Hush The Tears Away? Tell Please- Will It Ever Stop- The Fear Of Losing Them Again? Tell Please- Is It Better To Stop Loving So That When They Leave, We Still May Breathe? TellContinue reading “Tell Me Please-“

Cry For The Chrysanthemum

Cry For The Chrysanthemum Who Is Torn Apart A Mechanism Of Discovery The Corpse Of Curiosity Falls To The Hands ‘Infallible’ For Purposes ‘Humane’ To See If An In Vitro Process Of Cutting Her Tissues Would Allow Other Weeds More Beauty And More Grace. They Tried Out Root Induction And Media Sterilization Jasmonic Salicylic AcidContinue reading “Cry For The Chrysanthemum”

La Arañita or “Little Spider”

Creature are you dead? Why do your hide in the corners of your web Near the farthest wall you stay Always spinning silentlyWhat message do you have to say? Always your are working Without cause Without home For no purpose In your brief existence Spinning mysteries In the threads of your own majesty Criatura, ¿laContinue reading “La Arañita or “Little Spider””

I met an angel in the morn

I met an angel in the morning. At six o’clock she woke me. Twas twice the hours her spirit called. So I stayed I, in the chapel to greet the angel next to me. And sat I hence on the piano bench and plaid a psalm to please her. And at 9 o’clock my tearsContinue reading “I met an angel in the morn”

I sing and it’s not beautiful

I sing and it’s not beautiful.I sing because of solaceI sing because of spaceBecause of how it’s sacredAlters these senses with her graceBecause of the peace she gives meBecause she lends faith and hope and loveI singBecause it heals meI sing to my God aboveI sing,And it’s not, yet, beautifulIt’s raw and unrefined.I sing knowingContinue reading “I sing and it’s not beautiful”