You did not change me

I will not change for you. No. I will wear my dress no longer. No. I will not love softer nor harsher. No I will live this live with joy and love. You can harm my body but God always heals my soul. You can steal my body for a night. You can steal myContinue reading “You did not change me”

Spiders in the house

There were spiders in the house And the closed windows cast white orange and yellow lights in the halls. Like a will o the wisp in the attic The shadows scatter blue light upon the webs above my bed. Some people despise spiders, but they don’t understand them. Men love to stomp the feminineWomen swatContinue reading “Spiders in the house”

Imposter Syndrome

She Worked Overtime To Get Here When You Already Had A Place She Knew What She Wanted To God With Grace She Prayed She Worked Overtime To Stay Here I Know It Comes Easily To You But These Words Are Flustered Beaten Her Hands Are Aching Two Guess What She Don’t Belong Here She HearsContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”