These simple things

Your first expressions…. your silly faces, smiles and hugs surpass the beauty of those things we have ordained with marked complexity. Your simple eyes, endowed with grace and smallest utterances bestow your mother’s eyes with smooth silk threads. Beads of light braided into your small head, your curls are graced with goodness. A mothers loveContinue reading “These simple things”

The rain is stealing my words.

The rain is stealing my words.Where am I? Now with nothing but a quiet soul. Lost in the gardens, and the mud. Sheltered barely by the canopies. There’s nothing much but woes. Where are my friends and family? In other gardens across the sea, the lakes, the trees. I can not remember the times beforeContinue reading “The rain is stealing my words.”

The Futility of Words

Sometimes I wonder why I still speak when there’s so many reasons to not.I wonder if a vow of silence would do some good.Would it make a difference, when there’s so much pain?Speaking contributes to global cacophony.Why do we speak so much?So many judgments and transgressions occur from the flick of a flippant tongue.We’re constantlyContinue reading “The Futility of Words”