But you went to heaven today

Capo 4 G e C e Chorus But went to heaven todayI miss you more every dayYour memory never will fade I would trade years of my life just to hold you again Verse 1 I wish I coule hold you again I wish I could just hold your handsVerse 2 I still see youContinue reading “But you went to heaven today”

Waves won’t you wash over me

Capo 5 G a C e G Waves won’t you wash over me? G am C And heal (em) my broken soul G? Waves won’t you wash over meN’ Make these pieces whole? As the white waves hit the ground I was lost now and found. In the space of the great profound. I wasContinue reading “Waves won’t you wash over me”

Solo la música es fiel

Sólo la música es fiel. Todos me dejarán. Todos me abandonarán. Todavía la musica es fiel. Only the music is faithful Everyone may leave me And all I may abandon But music still is faithful. Solo queda la música Cuando todos me dejaron La música quedaráOnly the music remains.When everyone leaves. She stays. Llora queContinue reading “Solo la música es fiel”

Your Memory Resounds

Buildup introduction: 4 bars (em/ i) Your memory resoundsYour memory resoundsYour memory resoundsInter verse: Your light reverberates in this earthly space Your love resonates with all Your kindness echoes through the passageways Your goodness is heard through our global Halls We always feel you hear with us Though I’ve searched for you in shadows IContinue reading “Your Memory Resounds”

There Are No Words To Say What Only Song Can Speak

There Are No Words To Say What Only Song Can Speak It’s A Crystal Note That Lingers Within The Quiet Air Resonating Within The Heart Of All In The Sphere It’s A Sunrise That Never Shall Cease A Loss Of Temporality A Loss Of Control The Sense Of Place That Only Notes May Hold

I Can Not Live Without The Music

I Can Not Live Without The Music I Can Not Live Without The Songs How Can You Say I Don’t Belong Here! Music, You Give Me The Strength To Carry On. I Swear That I Will Die Without It. I Can Not Abide Without It When I Could Not Sleep I Could Not Eat IContinue reading “I Can Not Live Without The Music”

Will you love me for the season?

ChorusWill you love me for the season? Will you love me for the day? Will you love me in the morning? Until the end of May? Verse 1Will you love my lonesome soul? We will make each other whole Will you love me by the River or by the mountainside N help me hide theseContinue reading “Will you love me for the season?”

Chorus of Light

forged by light. in a dark world shaken grounded in grace. in our many colors, timbres, and cultures. we voice in unity and suspend our sonic identities. grounded brought back to the basics of: breath learnt again humbled as a child how to breathe amidst obscurity the greyness at the break of day fear notContinue reading “Chorus of Light”

A year’s gone by.

A Years Gone By A Years Gone By Without Your Pretty Eyes Crying To The Night Who Knew This Year Would Have Brought So Many Tears? If We’d Known- Might We Have Held Each Other Closer? Leaving Places With Stagnant Hearts This Year When Our Hearts Broke Every Night When Our Tears Flowed This HeartContinue reading “A year’s gone by.”

I met an angel in the morn

I met an angel in the morning. At six o’clock she woke me. Twas twice the hours her spirit called. So I stayed I, in the chapel to greet the angel next to me. And sat I hence on the piano bench and plaid a psalm to please her. And at 9 o’clock my tearsContinue reading “I met an angel in the morn”