When is it okay to reroute? Are these dead ends or only roads not yet paved? When do we depart from our original destination and commitments? Afraid of the future-You hurdle towards the seas and cliffs. Bounding, leaping, crying weeping. Too prove you are awake. To prove you lived through another day. Scribbling frantic melodiesContinue reading “Reroute”

Open Individualism?

What if we are all collectively one? All sharing the same existences. Loving, lying, cheating, learning? What if I am you and you are me? In different incarnations of reality. My light is your own. Your shadows are mine. Our lessons are ours. We’re all deceived with false perceptions of time. How wonderful, how horrible,Continue reading “Open Individualism?”

The Most Beautiful

There is a rose on the edge,A lone rose darling red.I most sensuous voice in a forgotten space from a milkmaid in her gold wheat place. The most beautiful dancerin the desertThorns burrowed in his scorched feetAs he serenaded the sierras,Then snuck out to the seas. The smartest one,she sleeps beneath the suna refugee whoseContinue reading “The Most Beautiful”

All of the little animals speak

Chi chi chi Tweet tweet tweet All of the little animals talk But not the spider, The spider does not speak The cicadas, the frogs,the crickets, including the grass, they talk but the spider hides her hoary headshe does not speak But she sees all She strings their pains and joys in the cool septemberContinue reading “All of the little animals speak”