Parable of Characters

The sky doesn’t ask the bird, why it has to fly. Neither does the wind question why the lion roars. The sand does not ask the water not to ebb and flow. Nor the grass why the gazelle leaps so gracefully, so feebly. The snow does for us to judge the ice for its bitterContinue reading “Parable of Characters”

The soundscapes of highway 183

Soundscapes of the stars as your sleeping in your car. There’s this concept in the humanities called reflexivity. It’s essentially the idea that our lived experiences can define our epistemologies and ontologies: So, what does it mean to sleep in a car? The rushing of the highway, the scratching of Velcro on windows and rustlingContinue reading “The soundscapes of highway 183”

October First

It’s Saturday and I’m asleep in my car at a Texas state park underneath the stars. This isn’t where I thought I would be as I’m approaching 25. It’s beautiful and chaotic. The Gemini twins must be guiding me. I always thought I would be a singer. Since I was two years old, this isContinue reading “October First”

Moths and Moonlight

I grabbed my two suitcases and two personal bags and at 3am, I headed to the airport to begin my new life in Texas. Just as I threw my bags in the backseat and my guitar to the side, a mariposa Bruxa or perhaps a polia scattered across my front porch and into the Uber.Continue reading “Moths and Moonlight”

The Tiger and the Olive Trees

The tiger grabbed the olive branchAnd bruised across the ground. Its leaves were hanging down. Now the olive trees don’t grow near tigers keen. They spread their seeds with the wind.They don’t remember the reason only the feeling of being pushed against the dust. Forgiveness has settled from a distance. But the memory remains insideContinue reading “The Tiger and the Olive Trees”

Still Sea

Still seas. The water broke in white waves at my feet. It pooled around my hands while coral and barnacles pricked my toes. Little hermits clung to the rocks with loyalty. The turbulence within me . . . the sea stilled by the skies and waves breaking upon me. Upon my breasts, upon my feet.Continue reading “Still Sea”

Children’s Poem: Leaves Lost and Hair Cuts

“Oh my!” said Crystal to the trees. “Why did you lose your leaves?! I love your locks of spanish moss. I like your auburn colors, pines and spurs! Now, tell me why. Why did you cut your hair?”And so the trees replied: There’s seasons we grow through. There’s very few parts of our bodies weContinue reading “Children’s Poem: Leaves Lost and Hair Cuts”

The onset of sunset

The southern winds blow through the bluebells beside the creek. The onset of sunset arises to greet the lilting lake. While Aside the street, the dust of spanish moss falls soft on fallow fields; fallen red speckles hidden in their caresses Blazing star blooms dense beside the swampland highways And the twinkle of chimes fallsContinue reading “The onset of sunset”

Spiders in the house

There were spiders in the house And the closed windows cast white orange and yellow lights in the halls. Like a will o the wisp in the attic The shadows scatter blue light upon the webs above my bed. Some people despise spiders, but they don’t understand them. Men love to stomp the feminineWomen swatContinue reading “Spiders in the house”


When is it okay to reroute? Are these dead ends or only roads not yet paved? When do we depart from our original destination and commitments? Afraid of the future-You hurdle towards the seas and cliffs. Bounding, leaping, crying weeping. Too prove you are awake. To prove you lived through another day. Scribbling frantic melodiesContinue reading “Reroute”

Waves won’t you wash over me

Capo 5 G a C e G Waves won’t you wash over me? G am C And heal (em) my broken soul G? Waves won’t you wash over meN’ Make these pieces whole? As the white waves hit the ground I was lost now and found. In the space of the great profound. I wasContinue reading “Waves won’t you wash over me”

The boundless rain

Since I left my heart beats out of pace. What kind of sign is it that without you and with this vast distance, the doctors claim my heart beats with the rain?How funny! And how strange? The farther I am from home-The more increase my woes.And my heart is truly breaking I can show you,Continue reading “The boundless rain”

Rotting Remnants. An obituary for the Orchid

Today the orchid drowned. Her roots so rotted that her glamor was concealed in the foul stench of death. Her leaves, which once were pompous have now wilted with the thieving hand of rest Her ivory flowers once so decorous giving joy and grace are now the rotting remnants of putrid and poor shape.

Where is home?

Vagrant Never native Nomadic wandererWho crossed the northern seasThat smelled of salt and crystals green Who traversed the forests and the prairies She an Emigrant I asked the cranes, seagulls and crowsI asked the spiders and the toadWhere should I make a home? And the gemini twins my guide Starlight and moths in aural flightContinue reading “Where is home?”

The Most Beautiful

There is a rose on the edge,A lone rose darling red.I most sensuous voice in a forgotten space from a milkmaid in her gold wheat place. The most beautiful dancerin the desertThorns burrowed in his scorched feetAs he serenaded the sierras,Then snuck out to the seas. The smartest one,she sleeps beneath the suna refugee whoseContinue reading “The Most Beautiful”

All of the little animals speak

Chi chi chi Tweet tweet tweet All of the little animals talk But not the spider, The spider does not speak The cicadas, the frogs,the crickets, including the grass, they talk but the spider hides her hoary headshe does not speak But she sees all She strings their pains and joys in the cool septemberContinue reading “All of the little animals speak”

A Weed Within Your Garden

We are Native,Here Already Even If You Claim we Don’t Belong. A Weed Within Your GardenStill, We Shall Grow Forever Strong Why is it that nature rhetoric and garden metaphors often intersect with discourses of identity politics and foreignness? I was talking with my friend about what plants our “invasive” due to their “place” andContinue reading “A Weed Within Your Garden”

Look at the Love That Grew!

Look At The Love That Grew- Within The Cemented Crevices Of Streets Untrodden By! Look At All The Lovely Things- That Came From Ugly Tears!God Takes Everything And Reforms It By The Passage Of The Years. He Too Will Take Your Suffering. Then, Look At All The Lovely Things That Come From Ugly Tears LookContinue reading “Look at the Love That Grew!”

La Arañita or “Little Spider”

Creature are you dead? Why do your hide in the corners of your web Near the farthest wall you stay Always spinning silentlyWhat message do you have to say? Always your are working Without cause Without home For no purpose In your brief existence Spinning mysteries In the threads of your own majesty Criatura, ¿laContinue reading “La Arañita or “Little Spider””