Parable of Characters

The sky doesn’t ask the bird, why it has to fly. Neither does the wind question why the lion roars. The sand does not ask the water not to ebb and flow. Nor the grass why the gazelle leaps so gracefully, so feebly. The snow does for us to judge the ice for its bitterContinue reading “Parable of Characters”

In the Space In between unloved

Rosalie wrote frantically,Conspicuously cognizant of her own unintelligible ciphers: She threw down her pain and rain”In the space in-between, he does not love me! In the space in between she cries, but he does not call! He does not show tenderness in his voice.”For if his sweet breath was heard so heavy and sultry. SheContinue reading “In the Space In between unloved”

There Are No Missing Pieces

You claim I’m giving pieces of myself. Like candy cut up for the crowds. You claim I’m just like everybody else. That I don’t know the value of myself. Nobody can take what I don’t give. I still at the core am who I am. These scars upon my soul will soon fast heal. IContinue reading “There Are No Missing Pieces”

The Consumption of the Sea

Shivering, she’s shaking. Someone save her from the sea. Cast her out from fathoms deep. Draw her from the tide, the green. Draw her from the foaming rage that seems so sweet and so serene until the sailor is unseen. Shushing sounds and silencing. She is silent in the sea. She is silent. She isContinue reading “The Consumption of the Sea”

The Most Beautiful

There is a rose on the edge,A lone rose darling red.I most sensuous voice in a forgotten space from a milkmaid in her gold wheat place. The most beautiful dancerin the desertThorns burrowed in his scorched feetAs he serenaded the sierras,Then snuck out to the seas. The smartest one,she sleeps beneath the suna refugee whoseContinue reading “The Most Beautiful”


The snow fell from the cottonwood trees amongst the may-midsummer breeze the robins sang, the flowers bloomed you laid with me and I with you. Under the redwood trees. One with the clovers and dandelion greens, between the pueblo grounds you were dreaming as I wandered. I was restless as you slumbered….