Spiders in the house

There were spiders in the house And the closed windows cast white orange and yellow lights in the halls. Like a will o the wisp in the attic The shadows scatter blue light upon the webs above my bed. Some people despise spiders, but they don’t understand them. Men love to stomp the feminineWomen swatContinue reading “Spiders in the house”

All of the little animals speak

Chi chi chi Tweet tweet tweet All of the little animals talk But not the spider, The spider does not speak The cicadas, the frogs,the crickets, including the grass, they talk but the spider hides her hoary headshe does not speak But she sees all She strings their pains and joys in the cool septemberContinue reading “All of the little animals speak”

La Arañita or “Little Spider”

Creature are you dead? Why do your hide in the corners of your web Near the farthest wall you stay Always spinning silentlyWhat message do you have to say? Always your are working Without cause Without home For no purpose In your brief existence Spinning mysteries In the threads of your own majesty Criatura, ¿laContinue reading “La Arañita or “Little Spider””